Don’t Wait Until Spring to Mulch the Lawn

Many homeowners wrongly assume that the springtime is the best time to mulch their lawns and gardens. The truth is, the best time to mulch the garden cold occur any time of the year and varies from one person to another. Waiting until spring to add your much causes the demise of many perks. Read below to learn five reasons why springtime is not always the best time to add mulch to the lawn and call the landscaping gary professionals for this addition.

1- Prevent Weeds

Weeds are a nightmare for any gardener, quickly depleting a landscape. Weeds are very dominant and difficult to destroy. But, mulch stops weeds from growing when the weather’s warm since it blocks sunlight from reaching weeds.

2- Moderates Temperatures

It’s no secret that cool temperatures can wreak havoc on your lawn and landscape, destroying plants very quickly.  Mulch moderates ground temperatures which prevents the risk of damage to the plants. It serves as a blanket over the plants.

3-  Improves Soil Health

Mulch keeps the ground warm, but it does so much more. Mulch improves the moisture-content that’s found in the ground, which prevents drought during the fall and winter season. Just two to four inches of mulch is all that it takes to contain moisture within the ground to improve the soil health.

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4-  Appeal

Aesthetic appeal is also a benefit of adding mulch to the landscape before spring rolls around. Fall and winter weather can be harsh to the landscape, causing it to look bare and lifeless. Mulch brings back the appeal that you want.

5-  Prevent Erosion

Rain, snow, and wind pose threat for soil erosion on your property. This leads to an unattractive style as well as potential damage to your grass. Mulch stabilized soil and prevents vital nutrients from washing away.