Hurricane season rears its ugly head year after year in the state of Florida. They say Florida only has two seasons – wet season and dry season. Wet season involves scorching heat and thick humidity. Dry season involves scorching heat and thick humidity. It seems there’s only one true season in Florida – hot and humid season. This weather breeds hurricanes and storms, so storm preparation orlando fl professionals have a few tips and tricks for Floridians looking to beat the hot and humid season.

Keep yourself updated. Enable emergency weather alerts on all mobile devices so that you know exactly when to take shelter. Keep the television on the weather station if you notice bad weather or if there’s any warning of an incoming hurricane. Know if you are in an evacuation zone and prepare accordingly in the case of extreme weather that requires a mandatory evacuation.

Create a plan in case you have to evacuate. Define several places you can go if you have to leave abruptly, making proper arrangements with friends or relatives weeks or months in advance if possible. If you plan on driving to evacuate, make sure the car has gas and there are also back up gas containers if gas stations are not open along the road to safety or if you cannot stop. The car should be tuned up and ready to go so you and your loved ones do not get stuck on the road during an emergency.

Make a hurricane survival kit. This kit should include necessary items such as:

·    Candles

·    A battery-powered radio

·    Batteries

·    Flashlights

·    Tools

·    Chargers

·    Maps

·    Toiletries

·    Important documents

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Keep these things handy if there is a hurricane or storm coming so that you can stay safe and be prepared for anything. Hot and humid season is nothing to play around with in Florida, so prepare for the worst and hope for the best.